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Young Einstein Mathematics.

Educational software covering all years 1 to 6.


Educational software that produces results. Single user edition covers years 1 to 6. Single user edition licenses can be used by the whole family. The software will keep track of each individual child. The extended site license should be purchased for use in schools or for commercial tutoring use.


Educational Software License Type

A 'Student License' or 'Single User License' can only be used by one person or immediate family members.

For business, company,  school or other organization that provides a service to multiple people, a separate license is required for each person who will use the software, or, an 'Extended Site License' should be purchased.




AUD $69.50 (GST inc) Plus Postage and Handling

Ask your school first. If your school has their own site license they can provide you with a copy free of charge.


Educational software summary:

Extensively covers the many topic areas of fractions and fraction arithmetic. Ideal to practice times tables plus numerous activities on addition, subtraction, problem solving and a host of others. Includes 250 activities split over all 6 year levels.


Activities designed around the curriculum educational outcomes. As used in schools, with all the reporting features. Some administrator limitations are imposed. All modules providing instruction in written and audio format.


Licensed for single installation only.


If you are not sure, why not try it before you buy it.  Download a free trial version today.


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Helper Series Fractions, Tables&Conversion, Addition&Subtraction, Space,Order&Chance, Measurement&Money



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