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Maths Practice problems reproduced from Young Einstein Mathematics Software

Maths Educational Software reproduced samples from Young Einstein Mathematics

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Easy maths problems that have to be resolved. Stated both in words and as a sum to visualize them plainly.


A shop had 589 pens on display, then added 459 new ones. How many pens do they have on display now?


589 + 459 = ?


and another one


A supermarket had 563 specials in one week, and 1263 specials in the next week. How many specials did they have all told in those two weeks?


563 + 1263 = ?


Solve the answers, then endeavour another few, better still buy this maths educational software and generate these yourself!

Produced by Maths Practice P/L, suppliers of  the 'Young Einstein Mathematics' educational software range. You can try all these plus a lot more when you purchase and use the software.

This educational software allows for various levels of difficulty ranging from year1 to 6.

These free exercise pages containing approximately 400 different problems are updated regularly.

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