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Parenting guide for maths tutoring.


Maths Tutoring is obviously important and many parents strive to obtain the best possible outcomes for their children.

Extending your child’s maths skills can be undertaken in any of the following ways:

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Maths tutoring is obviously 'free of charge' at school, and parents should be encouraged to seek assistance from teachers, and if need be, ask to have their child placed in any of the special classes that are commonly made available.

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Home tutoring by parents is a simple alternative, specially in the early primary school years. Reinforcing basic numeracy skills at home can significantly benefit the child’s progress.

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Software packages, there are numerous types out there, unfortunately most are very heavily games oriented and provide little benefit as the child is usually concentrating on the game rather than the maths behind it.

Chose software that is used by schools and where possible try before you buy.

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Tutoring services.

There is again a vast selection of tutoring services. Some providing exceptional services whilst other providing little more that highly payed door to door sales people eager to take your money. Pricing can range charging hourly rates, on a as required basis to contracted tutoring sometime costing several thousand dollars. Tutoring services can range from personal tutors, tutoring centres where you can enrol your child on a weekly basis and many of the more expensive over the phone contracted services.


Look for:

  • Smaller groups where your child can get more personal attention

  • Recommendations from someone you know or trust

  • Personal contact for your child by the same tutor each time



  • High pressure sales services, most of your money goes to commissions and not services

  • Foreign products, they might not be in line with the Australian state educational outcomes framework

  • Long term commitments, your needs and circumstances might change

Review our section on educational software fundamentals.

Young Einstein Mathematics Version 3.1 has been released and now replaces the previous Maths Practice version.

Check what's new to find out more or download a trial copy.

If your school has a copy you are entitled to use the software at home free of charge under the schools extended site license agreement.



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