Other Information Should The Property Valuation Adelaide Sales Contract Include?

In addition to the information in the previous clauses, there are other data that must be included in the contract. Although these data are not always found in the clauses of a sales contract , they are mentioned and are found in the annexes of the document. The most relevant are:

The details of the property :

In one of the clauses, the characteristics of the Wikipedia property must be established. Such as location, square meters of the total area, square meters of construction and the date of the land use license.

While an annex must specify the characteristics that correspond to the details of the property, which will be mentioned in the following statements:

  • From the seller : you must sign the part that declares that you have made available to the buyer all the information of the house, as well as its documentation.
  • From the buyer : who must also declare that he knows the property that he is going to buy and that he states that he has been provided with the information regarding the characteristics indicated in the annex.

This annex must be signed by both parties where it is indicated if all the information, characteristics, legal situation, construction permits, payment conditions, benefits and other specifications of the property have been provided or not.

The delivery date of the property :

This is also an important part of this transaction, since for maintenance, construction or repairs, a different delivery date than the one of the signing of this home purchase contract may apply . This information must be specified in any of the clauses and in the event that the seller, due to force majeure, could not make the delivery on the initial date, a new delivery date must be agreed together.

In addition, on the day of delivery, both parties must review the property to sign a certificate of delivery and reception of the house. Therefore, in this same clause, it must also be specified how many days the seller has to make reports of faults and defects.

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