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Multiply Across And Down

Some of the 330 modules available in the educational software products. Many of the modules allow you to vary the number sets used to further change difficulty levels. Download a 21 day free trial version. Or better still, purchase this educational software today.


The module provides a challenge to attempt multiplication sums in one question. It provides a bit more of a challenge in the last column.


Four numbers are generated and placed in a square. The student is required to multiply all the rows and columns to get a result. The last cell is optional and requires long multiplication to solve the answer.

Four or five answers (if the large multiplication was attempted) need to be supplied and then press the ‘OK’ button to check and proceed with the next question.

Considering the difficulty of the last answer square, the student is given not penalised if all the other answers were correct.


The [Enter] key automatically proceeds to the next question or

use the mouse to navigate to the various ‘Answer Boxes”


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