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Coin Probability

Some of the 330 modules available in the educational software products. Many of the modules allow you to vary the number sets used to further change difficulty levels. Download a 21 day free trial version. Or better still, purchase this educational software today.


The student is required to evaluate common probability based on 4 or 5 coins.


Questions are asked at random about various possible outcomes for heads and tails.

The answer needs to be presented as a proper fraction in the two ‘Answer Boxes’ provided and then press the ‘OK’ button to check and proceed to the next question.


The [Enter] key automatically proceeds to the next question or

use the mouse to navigate to the various ‘Answer Boxes”


Other associated modules with similar functionality include equivalent fractions, similar fractions smallest fractions, fraction addition, fraction subtraction, fraction multiplication, fraction of a number, fraction order, pie chart to fraction, fraction to decimal, fraction to percentage, BODMAS rules, coin chance, dice chance, spin wheel chance.


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