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Coin Change

Some of the 330 modules available in the educational software products. Many of the modules allow you to vary the number sets used to further change difficulty levels. Download a 21 day free trial version. Or better still, purchase this educational software today.


The student is required to break down a financial amount into the valid range of coins based on the appropriate denominations.


Students need to change the value of coins to make them add up to a required amount. Arrows are provided to increment or decrement a coins value or remove the coin altogether.

When the total amount on the coins matches the required amount press the ‘OK’ button to check and proceed to the next question.


Use the mouse to adjust the coin value by clicking on the corresponding up or down indicators. Finally press the ‘OK’ button when the levels solve the question.


Make sure that the appropriate currency denomination settings are correct in the 'Admin Configuration Section'.

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Other common terms are addition, addition of numbers, mathematics addition,  adding numbers, number sums.


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