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Analogue And Digital Clocks

Some of the 330 modules available in the educational software products. Many of the modules allow you to vary the number sets used to further change difficulty levels. Download a 21 day free trial version. Or better still, purchase this educational software today.


The module provides a challenge to convert from analogue to digital number representations and vice versa.


In some cases the student needs to read an analogue clock and transfer the time to its digital equivalent. Two ‘Answer Boxes’ are displayed, one for hours and the other minutes.

In other cases, the student needs to move the hands of the clock to match the digital watch.


The “OK” button will process the answer and proceed if successful.

Use the mouse to jump between the Minute and Hour ‘Answer Boxes’

When moving the clock hands, press the “Wind Forward” or “Wind Backwards” buttons. (Continuously holding down the ‘Enter’ key will repeat the last action quickly)

In 24 hour mode the hands need to be rotated through a full 12 hour cycle to change the “AM” / “PM” label.

Other associated modules with similar functionality include analogue and digital clock conversion, compass directions, writing cheque numbers, fractions to decimals, fractions to percentage, grid reference, measurement units, pie chart to fraction, rainfall graphs,

Other common terms are number conversion, analogue to digital.



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