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100 percent Australian maths software


Learning maths with help and tutorials

Fractions, times tables and all practice activities comprehensively covered.

Maths practice was built from the ground upwards focussing on learning maths with the aid of help and tutorials for all topics.

Our software provides easy learning tutorial exercises which provide maths help on each topic to assist the student to work though the various learning tutorial exercises.

Maths tutorials include over 330 different modules make learning maths a paced process. By being able to vary the difficulty in most maths tutorial modules, the learning process is made easier for the student. The maths help provided through the software and the comprehensive maths tutorial documentation, ensures that learning maths with appropriate maths help is achievable. More importantly, learning maths though this software have shown tremendous improvements in learning outcomes.

The maths learning software has all the maths help items on line, so feel free to browse through the online documentation or review the maths tutorial module descriptions.

If your child needs help with his maths, then this software is a must.

The following broader items are covered, with a focus on fractions and tables:

(This is just some of the 330 activities that are available)

Learning maths with help and tutorials on fractions

Chance Order (maths tutorial 006)
Coin Chance (maths tutorial 009)
Dice Chance (maths tutorial 016)
Equivalent Fractions (maths tutorial 019)
Fraction Addition (maths tutorial 022)
Fraction Multiplication (maths tutorial 023)
Fraction of a Number (maths tutorial 052)
Fraction Order (maths tutorial 025)
Fraction Subtraction (maths tutorial 024)
Fractions to Decimals (maths tutorial 026)
Fractions to Percentage (maths tutorial 027)
Pie Chart to Fraction (maths tutorial 040)
Smallest Fraction (maths tutorial 046)
Spin Wheel Chance (maths tutorial 047)

All these maths tutorials provide a method of learning maths that enhances the understanding of fractions.


Learning maths with help and tutorials on tables or associated functions

BODMAS Rules (learning maths tutorial 054)
Concentration (learning maths tutorial 028)
Crossword Multiplication (learning maths tutorial 014)
Division (learning maths tutorial 018)
Groups (learning maths tutorial 057)
Long Multiplication (learning maths tutorial 034)
Mixed Operators (learning maths tutorial 053)
Mixed Tables and Sums (learning maths tutorial 036)
Multiplication (learning maths tutorial 056)
Multiplication Across and Down (learning maths tutorial 012)
Multiplication Tables (learning maths tutorial 037)
Perimeters and Lengths (learning maths tutorial 039)
Shape Measurements (learning maths tutorial 044)
Shopping (learning maths tutorial 045)
Tile Surface Area (learning maths tutorial 050)

All these modules provide a method of learning maths that enhances tables proficiency.

Learning maths with help and tutorials on other components

These maths tutorials provide maths leaning opportunities on a variety of important maths topics that student often seek maths help on.

Adding 2 Numbers (maths help tutorial 001)
Add Across and Down (maths help tutorial 011)
Adding 3 or 4 Numbers (maths help tutorial 002)
Adding Volumes (maths help tutorial 004)
Addition to 20 (maths help tutorial 003)
Analogue & Digital Clock Conversions (maths help tutorial 008)
Card Addition (maths help tutorial 005)
Coin Change (maths help tutorial 055)
Compass Directions (maths help tutorial 010)
Crossword Addition (maths help tutorial 013)
Decimal Order (maths help tutorial 015)
Dice Addition (maths help tutorial 017)
Estimating (maths help tutorial 020)
Fill in the Cheque Numbers (maths help tutorial 007)
Find The Location (maths help tutorial 021)
Grid References (maths help tutorial 032)
Hi-Low Guessing (maths help tutorial 030)
Jig Saw Puzzle (maths help tutorial 031)
Measurement Units (maths help tutorial 035)
Number Order (maths help tutorial 038)
Place Values (maths help tutorial 041)
Rainfall Graph (maths help tutorial 042)
Rounding (maths help tutorial 043)
Shuffle (maths help tutorial 033)
Subtracting 2 Numbers (maths help tutorial 048)
Subtraction to 20 (maths help tutorial 049)
Tower of Hanoi (maths help tutorial 029)

Volume Challenge (maths help tutorial 051)

Written Number Recognition (maths help tutorial 058)

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