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Learning maths times tables with help and tutorials

Times tables practice activities comprehensively covered.

Maths times tables are often referred to by many names, including times tables, multiplication tables, number tables, number patters, maths tables or math table for the USA or just simple multiplication. What ever the name, the outcome of this process is subsequently used in almost every aspect of mathematics.

Maths practice was built from the ground upwards focussing on learning maths with the aid of help and tutorials for all topics. One of the most fundamental topics is simple maths times tables. Students need to master maths number tables from the outset. Rote learning has been renamed cognitive recognition and provides the building block to imprint the maths number times tables in a child's mind.

It is often not sufficient to just know your maths times tables or be able to work them out, many situations require maths times tables to be a reflex.

Number patterns are often the first steps in learning maths times tables. Our software allows for a progressive build up in the number sets used in maths times tables tutorials, so that number pattern recognition can be exploited. Help with maths times tables relies on ongoing repetitive practice. Once the number patters are understood, then the child should move to either adding an additional number pattern or jumbling the maths tables to make sure they know all combinations of maths times tables - in any order.

Often a child can recite any maths times tables pattern from 1 to 12, however if asked to repeat the process in reverse order, they struggle. There is a definite distinction between knowing a pattern and knowing the answer. If a child still relies heavily on pattern recognition then they should continue practicing their times tables further. Tables help at this point is simple repetition and tables practice.

Maths Practice produces several basic learning components that help the child master their maths times tables. Some are geared to number recognition and some on help with times tables. Our software provides easy learning tutorial exercises with provide maths help on each topic to help the student to work though the various learning tutorial exercises.

If your child needs help with their maths times tables, then this software will greatly assist and enhance their proficiency.

Learning maths times tables with help and tutorials

(This is just some of the 330 activities that are available)

BODMAS Rules (uses maths times tables - tutorial 054)
Concentration (learning maths times tables - tutorial 028)
Crossword Multiplication (learning maths times tables - tutorial 014)
Division (help with  verification of maths times tables -tutorial 018)
Long Multiplication (uses maths times tables - tutorial 034)
Mixed Operators (uses maths times tables - tutorial 053)
Mixed Tables and Sums (learning maths times tables - tutorial 036)
Multiplication (learning maths times tables -tutorial 056)
Multiplication Across and Down (learning maths times tables - tutorial 012)
Multiplication Tables (learning maths times tables - tutorial 037)
Perimeters and Lengths (uses maths times tables - tutorial 039)
Shape Measurements (uses maths times tables -tutorial 044)
Shopping (uses maths times tables - tutorial 045)
Tile Surface Area (uses maths times tables - tutorial 050)

All these fraction tutorials provide a method of learning fractions that enhances the understanding of fraction arithmetic.

All tutorial fraction modules come with clear examples and instructions to provided help and guide the student through the various activities.

Maths tutorials covering over 330 different modules make learning maths a paced process. By being able to vary the difficulty in most maths tutorial modules, the learning process is made easier for the student. The maths times tables and maths help provided through the software and the comprehensive maths time tables and maths general tutorial documentation, ensures that learning your tables is achievable. 80% improvement in speed and accuracy have been attributed to practicing tables with this software.

Buy a copy of Maths Practice software today and start learning you maths times tables the easy way.

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