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Educational software fundamentals

Educational Software with a difference. Educational Software that provides results

What is Educational Software?

Educational software is designed to increase your child's knowledge while creating a positive experience that encourages them to learn.

Educational software programs are ones that produce results and can show improvement in a child�s academic ability. For educational software to work it doesn�t need to be 'games based'. It does however, need to be rewarding. The best way to achieve this is by positive recognition of what the user has done, positive comments and remarks.


How will educational software help my child learn?

Our program does this in four ways. First, it provides an interactive experience that children enjoy. Second, it matches the level of challenge to the capability of the individual learner. Third, the program, having all the patience in the world, allows the child to control the pace. Fourth, children see positive results and improvements in their own work.

The result is an experience that engages a child to learn and provides positive reassurance that they can do it, they can achieve, that they can tackle a problem and solve it.


The learning values in educational software programs.

Many programs today profess to be educational software, but in actual fact they are just games which provide high entertainment value but little educational value. Unfortunately, many manage to bundle maths activities into the games, but the child is usually too focused on the games to make the connection to the maths fundamentals that are being used.

Our educational software dedicates about 5% of the time to games, simply to retain the user's interest, and the remaining 95% into active maths practice, without annoying distractions.

We clearly state that our educational software is 'not simply a game' but a serious attempt to focus on what matters: maths and the fundamental theory, concepts and activities to practice.


Learning from educational software does differ from learning in the classroom.

A computer does not replace classroom learning. However, educational software does have advantages. Children can use it at home, in their own time.

Our software offers constant reinforcement, giving the child a positive self image and helping them feel  good about learning Maths. They are able to see their own progress and work independently at any year level that suits them.


Educational software must match the level of challenge for the learner.

To provide the right level of challenge for children of different skill levels or ages, good programs have different levels of difficulty.


Our software is already graded for each of the 6 year levels. Additionally, other parameters in our educational software can also be set to further refine and challenge the learner.

In addition to skill and knowledge development, good educational software develops the child's ability and patience to understand and follow instruction, develop problem solving skills and gain confidence in navigating software on a computer.

Within each of these year levels there is still ample variety of difficulty, allowing the learner to be challenged yet still feel that they are using the appropriate educational software.

How to measure if my child is learning from the educational software.

For both teachers and parents who have an interest in children using educational software, some programs have built-in performance tracking reports.

Our software has extensive reporting to show you overall results, averages, recent history and trends. It will show which learning activities or exercises each user has done and their level of proficiency in each one.

How does the software company make a difference?

There are many ways to gauge if you are getting additional value from your chosen supplier:

Do they provide after sales service?    We do. Check our support section.

Do they provide free upgrades?    We do, and at no extra cost. See our upgrade details.

Do they provide free samples?    We do. We actually encourage people to 'try before they buy' with a full version and no gimmicks. Try a download sample version, or try our FREE  homework sheets that are published weekly.

Is the software used in schools throughout Australia?    Our educational software programs are used in every state, as well as internationally. Schools can supply the software to their students to take home, free of charge, because it is allowed under our extended site license agreement. No other program has that facility.

Does the educational software change regularly and in line with curriculum changes?    Our programs are upgraded with additional features several times per year. Of course, upgrades are free and available to be downloaded at your convenience.

Can you buy the same educational software 'over the counter' or is it proprietary?     Our software is resold through leading educational suppliers and retail outlets (some schools even use it as a fundraiser). It is an open market product. We do not need to rely on heavy handed 'door to door' sales people.


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