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These maths homework sheets are generated from the Maths Practice software and updated on a weekly basis. This is a free voluntary service and no guarantees can be made on update times. Help support this by providing a link on your school website to this free student service. Ongoing maintenance of these pages ultimately relies on your patronage, page visits and referral links. Obviously the more support we get the more we can dedicate to this service.

Hint ! Printing out maths homework sheets: On your browser go to File/Page Setup, adjust the margins and remove the header and footer section details to gain more space.

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Also try these simple sums when written out in a sentence in relation to everyday events.

adding 2 numbers, adding 3 numbers, multiplying a number, subtracting a number, dividing a number

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Why has Maths Practice educational software become so popular? Here are some of the reasons:

* The maths software was written specifically for primary school students and is based on the maths educational curriculum.
* The maths software promotes cognitive learning and provides student homework study material.
* Try before you buy, you can download a free evaluation version of the maths educational software free of charge.
* Homework activities are provided free of charge on the internet, the licensed maths software has even more functionality.
* The maths software covers fractions, multiplications, tables, number, space, measurement, probability and more.
* Maths Practice software covers the areas where there are known learning maths difficulties.
* Maths Practice provides support for its maths educational software and regularly upgrades its products to meet new educational guidelines.
* Maths Practice provides a software installation guide for school administrators and student.
* Students obtain results and can track their own progress with this maths software.
* Site Licensing allows all students to practice maths at home with their own copy of the maths practice software.
* Multiple levels of difficulty and varied modules means that everyone can use it.
* Provide your child the best education, our software can help
* Maths practice educational software is not simply a game but a conscious effort to practice maths.
* Best of all, Maths Practice software achieves results!

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