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What does it cost
How come it's so cheap
What is the difference between the products
What / Who is Maths Practice
What do we provide
What don't we provide
What is Young Einstein Mathematics
Is this another computer game
What other Products do we produce
Where are our products used


Can more than 1 person use the software
Is it right for my child
What if the curriculum changes
Is this suitable for different age groups
What if I don't know the answers
Do you need to be on the internet to use the software
Product Overview
Victorian Government Software for Education (S4E) Program.
Maths Practice educational software Young Einstein Mathematics


What does it cost?

Public single user licenses vary from $19.95 to 69.50 and can be used by any member of the immediate family.


School site licenses vary from $195.00 to $544.50 depending on the year mix.


How come it's so cheap?

We have a quality affordable product that sells itself. We provide a free download and evaluation version for anyone to try before they consider purchasing. We are that sure you will be impressed.


We don't have sales people, in-home demonstrators, tutors sitting behind helpdesks or expensive marketing campaigns. We also don't have the overheads that go with these. We work on volume sales of quality products by referral rather than sales pressure.


The same type of software is sold by competitors for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars but little of that is offset against the software itself.


What is the difference between the products?

School editions are based on over 330 activities (Young Einstein Mathematics)

Single user editions are based on over 250 activities (Young Einstein Mathematics)

'Helper Series' each title has 15 maths activities and 5 game activities


What / Who is Maths Practice?

Maths Practice P/L is an educational software development company specialising in developing curriculum based maths software for years 1 to 6. It is founded by a combination or parents and teachers.


Our initial maths software products were simply titled 'Maths Practice' and were distributed under this name for several years. In 2005 a replacement product was launched titled 'Young Einstein Mathematics'.


Maths Practice does not provide direct teaching or tutoring services. However our software is used under license by other third parties for this purpose.


What do we provide?

We supply software direct to schools and the public. We provide free product support and free upgrades for our software. All activities have inbuilt theory, help and instructions that contain the background theory on the topic. All documentation can be edited and changed to suite specific needs or preferences.


We provide all the year levels bundled into the one package.


We also provide free homework sheets on our website that anyone can use.


We provide free ongoing updates to our software, and allow free upgrades to all users ensuring that you will never have outdated or obsolete software.


What don't we provide?

We do not provide tutoring services or phone help. This should be the role of the teachers.


We also don't provide 'door to door' sales people, in-home demonstrations or exorbitant prices on our products. (Demonstrations can be freely downloaded from the web and tried at your own leisure)


With single user licenses we do not charge separately for each year level. They are all included in the one low price.


What is Young Einstein Mathematics?

'Young Einstein Mathematics' is our latest maths software product which now replaces the generic 'Maths Practice' titles. Version 3 contains over 330 activities and has significantly expanded the usage of audio to assist the user and those that might have trouble reading questions.


All software products have extensive documentation, tutorial examples, subject theory and dynamically generated problems to solve.


Is this another computer game?

Simply - No. Computer games can be very distractive, and most have limited educational value. This software encourages active practice in mathematics, through structured activities based on the current curriculum. There are however 8 independent strategy game activities that we have included in the 330 activities.


What other products do we produce?

Maths practice produces the following titles. (click on the link to get more details)

'Young Einstein Mathematics'

     Single User edition

     School Edition

     School set1 Y1&2

     School Set2 Y3&4

     School Set3 Y5&6

     School Individual years

Maths Practice Primary School Maths (now being replaced by the 'Young Einstein Mathematics' products)

'The Helper Series' - Single User Editions

     Addition and Subtraction


     Space, Order and Chance

     Multiplication Tables and Conversions

     Measurement and Money


Where are our products used?

Our products are used extensively in schools throughout Australia. They are used predominantly in primary schools, however some secondary schools (and parents) also use the software to refine their basic skills from the primary years.


The software is also used in schools in NZ, UK and USA and by some reputable tutoring services.


In addition to this there is a large parent user base. Parents are using this software as a valued added component and a practical way to gets their kids to practice maths outside of school hours.


Can more than 1 person use the software?

Yes. The software keeps track of individual users. In the case of single user licenses, any member of the immediate family can use the software. For schools and commercial users, a site license must be purchased for multiple users.


Is it right for my child?

More than likely if your child is in primary school or early secondary school, they can benefit from the activities. The simplest way to find out is to download the free trial software and try it for yourself.


What if the curriculum changes?

Our software is constantly being refined. All licensed users can obtain upgrades free of charge at any time to ensure they remain current and benefit from any product upgrades that have occurred.


We make additions to our software several times a year to make sure it is current and to also add additional functionality as it is being developed.


You will never get stuck with outdated or obsolete software !!


Is this suitable for different age groups?

Yes. The software is divided into year levels so anyone can use it.


What if I don't know the answers?

There are several features to assist the user who gets stuck.

There is inbuilt help and instructions for all activities. Depending on the activity, this may contain up to several pages of relevant theory as well.

The user is given several opportunities to provide the correct answer, and if they still cannot get it correct the computer will provide the correct answer (and working out if applicable) for you.


Do you need to be on the internet to use the software?

No. Our software runs on your local PC and does not need to be connected to the internet.

Victorian Government Software for Education (S4E) program.

Young Einstein Mathematics software has tested and approved by the Victorian Government Education department to be included in the Software  for Education (S4E) program. Substantial discounts apply to Victorian Schools who purchase through the program.




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