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The documentation contained here is relative to version 2.4.2, however since the latest update to V3.1.0, some of this documentation may not be entirely accurate.




License Agreement

License Types

Distribution of Extended License

License Term

Copyright Warning

License Functionality


Getting Started

The Curriculum

Aim Of Sessions

Base Lining Students

Configuration Setting


The File Locations

Save As Defaults

Country Region Settings


Main Menu

Practice Session Selection

General Functions

Change Student Name

Student Of The Week

Homework Sheet Production


Common Components

Look And Feel

Session Status Bar

Progress Counters


Number Selection

Difficulty Levels

Viewing And Printing Results

Viewing History

History Graphs


Stopping The Practice Session

Standard Usage

Response Messages

Summary Results Logs

Repeating Practice Sessions

Answer Boxes



System Requirements

Installation Process

File Corruption

Network/Server Installation

Uninstall Process

Registration Serial Key

Troubleshooting - Registration Process




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