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Cheap web hosting, Cheap web pages
The easy way to get online for the simple user without a complex requirement.

Buy a web page
Buy a single page and have it listed on the internet without having to worry about the technical side.
and save money.

Get yourself listed on the big WWW Purchase a simple spot to place you own add. No technical exerience required, just email us the file you would like listed.


Yes, You too could be on the internet ! Do it now. Display your newsletters, resume, family tree, photos or anything else you would like the world to see.


Ideal for users who do not have their own web site and would like to place something on the internet.

  • Put your product, description, photo, resume, newsletter or anything you like on the web.

  • Take advantage of our infrastructure and buy a web page that will hold your information.

  • All you need is to provide us your your design or document. We do the rest.
    (We prefer documents in html format. Most Microsoft applications can save you file in this format. However, a MS word document or PDF is acceptable)
  • We will place the web page on the internet for you and take care of the backend infrastructure.

Your page will be listed at :

http/ name

This area will be listed by search engines like Google so that even you can be found on the web.


Why do it this way?

Many user just need to have information seen by lots of people but don't have the mechanism to do this efficiently. Buying a web page is a simple solution that allows you to reach any audience without you having to spend your own time trying to personally contact people.

Let them come to you.

Listing your information on the internet so that all users can see it, is cheaper than sending out surface mail, making telephone calls or SMS. Everyone can get the message when it suits them.

You can have your information seen around the world, without having to move out of your chair.

Buying a web page is cheaper, simpler and a more efficient way to communicate to a broader group of people. Buying a web page also means that you don't need to be technically skilled. We do all that work for you.

Provided you can type a simple letter, there is no reason why you cannot have your own presence on the internat.


Costs :

There is only one simple cost of $5 per month. (minimum 6 month duration)

No frills, no hidden costs, just straight value for money.

Email us today to get yourself started Buy a web page

Remember you will need to provide the document, original proofs or any artwork you want listed.
Your page will be available within a few days for the world to see.

No payment until your page is visible on the WWW - That's our policy.



You don't need web hosting companies, contracts or complicated software to have web page on the internet. We already have all this in place and have designed this cheap package to allow simple everyday users who have little or no 'internet or web hosting' knowledge to put their favourite information on the internet.

Whether you want to list your family details, place your resume online, advertise a product or simply post a newsletter where everyone can see it, this is an ideal way to go.

The process is very straight forward too:

1. Simply send us the file that you would like listed or placed on the internet
2. We will placethe contentsontheinternetfor you, under the nominated name you provided
3. We will advise you when it is ready and available to be viewed on the internet
4. You can verify the content by simply viewing the page on the internet with your browser
5. We will then send you a PayPal email request to pay for the listing

If payment is not received in 7 day we will simply remove the content.

To start, you need to:
a) Email us the file that you would like used
b) Provide the 'directory name' you would like to use for the listing:  
http/ name
c) Nominate how long you would like the content listed (minimum 6 months)

We always reserve the right to reject content that may be inappropriate.


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