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Maths Practice is a provide of leading primary school level educational software designed to be used in a classrooms or at home. Our software is being sold to schools and the public in Australia, New Zealand, England, America, South Africa and several other smaller countries.


Our website is constantly growing in size and popularity. We receive between 5,000 to 10,000 visits per day from a dedicated education sector comprising of teachers, parents and primarily school aged students.


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Maths practice primary school software home page   Homework tutorial sheets for maths practice software   Downloads, updates and  patchs for maths practice software   Product range of primary school maths practice software.   Sales and pricing of maths practice educational software.   Support for maths practice software products.   About Maths Practice P/L and primary school software

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Maths Practice

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100 percent Australian maths software


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Young Einstein Mathematics is educational software developed to meet the state educational outcomes.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

Young Einstein Mathematics

Replacing the previous Maths Practice versions.

Now available in Australian, UK & USA versions to address currency, units and spelling differences amongst international users.

Click to download updates or obtain a FREE trial copy.


Buy maths educational software for primary schools, home use and tutoring.

math practice

maths tutorials

Purchase a copy online today !   2006 Edition is filled with new features.   Look out for the 'Helper Series' in a retail store near you. Education products with a difference.


Yes that's right : Single user licenses are only $69.50 and comprehensively cover years 1 to 6 combined.

School Licenses are also affordable and can be distributed to enrolled students free of charge.

Upgrades are free of charge with additional content being added several times a year.


Single User Edition $69.50
School Site License Edition $544.50

Maths Practice is a provider of quality traditional maths educational software products designed to enhance the learning outcomes of a primary school student. The new release covers a large portion of the curriculum over Years 1-6.


Each individual student can track his/her progress through the individual modules. The program encourages regular school and home practice, which leads to success and gives them confidence to tackle more difficult exercises.



*Over 330 different activities.

*Best maths tutorials available

*Enhance student skills, build confidence and give them an edge.

*Practical activities as part of regular homework study.

*Tailored to meet individual needs.

*Multiple skill levels.

*Proven results.

*Comprehensively documented.

*Ideal to learn tables and fractions.

*A fraction of the cost of tutors.

Practice maths at home. This educational software is simple to install and use at school or home.

Practice maths at home with Maths Practice software range.

Educational software can be purchased here or obtained from participating schools.

Timing maths practice sessions to 5 or 10 minutes works.

Regular practice of just 5-10 minutes per day has shown up to 80% improvement within 4 weeks.

Student's succeed with maths practice tutorial products.

Maths Practice educational software is not simply a game but a set of activities aimed at stimulating cognitive learning by exposing the student to repetitive tasks similar to rote learning. It can be used as a valuable teaching aid, setting homework, assisting to baseline a student or providing them with activities that are practical and beneficial.

Licensed for every student at home.


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Practice makes perfect with maths practice educational software products.

There is a saying that "Practice makes perfect"

 We fully agree and are delighted to be able to provide educational software product that puts these words into action. Download an evaluation copy today and practice maths. Give them help with their education today.


Young Einstein Mathematics educational software can be purchased as individual year levels, combined into groups or as a complete integrated product. Parents can have confidence in buying this educational material for their children because they know that it is being used in schools in every state and that it complies with the existing curriculum.


'Maths Practice' is a leading educational software provider specializing in mathematics for primary levels. We provide quality curriculum based maths educational software direct to schools and the public at affordable prices.

Why has Maths Practice educational software become so popular? Here are some of the reasons:

* This maths software was written specifically for primary school students and is based on the existing curriculum.
* The maths tutorials promote cognitive learning and provide student with homework study material.
* Homework activities are provided free of charge on the internet, the licensed maths software has even more functionality.
* The maths software covers fractions, multiplications, tables, number, space, measurement, probability and much more.
* Maths Practice tutorial activities cover the areas where there are known learning maths difficulties.
* Try before you buy, you can download a free evaluation version of this maths educational software free of charge.
* Maths Practice provides local support and regularly upgrades its products to meet new educational guidelines.
* Maths Practice provides a software installation guide for both school administrators and student.
* Students obtain results and can track their own progress with this affordable maths software.
* Site Licensing allows all students to practice maths at home with their own copy of the software.
* Multiple levels of difficulty and varied modules means that everyone from year 1 to 8 can use it.
* Outside of schools, this software provides your child the most cost effective additional educational opportunities.
* Maths practice educational software is not simply a game but a conscious effort to practice maths.
* Maths Practice 'Helper Series' achieved over 3000 sales in one year alone thanks to their simplicity and maths focus.
* This software does not replace a teacher - but it's the next best thing by a long shot!
* Best of all, Maths Practice software achieves results!

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