Single user license key generation for
Young Einstein Mathematics V 3.2.0.
This interface is for users who have purchased Young Einstein Mathematics software and need serial keys generated to unlock that software. You will need to provide a valid CD Identification number which was enclosed in the software packaging to proceed. Unique serial keys are generated based on a combination of the user specific information supplied below.


First Name   Surname 
    Street  (* not P.O. Box)
 Post Code 
 CD Number  Help
 You may use T123456789ABC to test the generation processes but only a valid
 CD number can generate a valid serial key combination.
 A CD Number is provided by the supplier, or included in the software packaging.
 Return Email 
Support, upgrades and patch information will only be sent to registered users who have provided
the optional contact details.

If you encounter errors with this process please email
 with the above details and we will
manually process your registration key details.

Young Einstein Mathematics

CDKey Generation

Make sure all fields are correct before
proceeding to generate registration
keys for your software.

Once completed and issued, 
you will not be able to change
details or regenerate a new
set of registration keys !!!
Schools must purchase a
Site License to use this software